Golden Jubilee of Physical Education Faculty

Golden Jubilee of Physical Education Faculty On November 1, at Y. Ukhsay Palace of Culture the Faculty of Physical Education anniversary of Yakovlev University celebrated the 50th foundation.

The festive event united the students, professors, employees and, different year graduates, famous athletes, Chuvash and Russian sports masters, coaches and leaders of physical education and sports institutions. The festive event programme was imbued with the idea of generational communication. This idea was set by the Heroes of Sports starting number with a demonstration of the faculty large flag on the stage.
Nelly Vitalievna Igoshina, Dean of the Faculty, Honored Worker of Physical Education and Sports of the Chuvash Republic, USSR master of sports acrobatics, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate professor, opened the celebration.
The Faculty of Physical Education, founded 50 years ago, today is an alma mater for many talented people, real professionals in their field. There are so many athletes, who graduated from the faculty, are famous throughout Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic and Russia. It is impossible to list everyone, or to count all the professions our graduates have mastered. Among them there are scientists, teachers, coaches, employees of security agencies, civil servants, and many others. The faculty is proud of each of you! And todays event is for all of us. I thank everyone in the audience for your dedication to sports and the faculty. Faculty of Physical Education, you are the best! she said.
Rector of I. Y. Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University, Doctor of Pedagogics, Professor Vladimir Nikolaevich Ivanov also said a couple of good words from the stage. For some students, the university became an alma mater, and they got a profession here. For others, it became the home where they had spent a lot of years. And for some others, it is both a home and alma mater. A lot of athletes, coaches, that became the legends of Russian and world sports, had received higher education at this university. I am so happy to congratulate the Faculty of Physical Education on the jubilee and to wish all of you great happiness, prosperity to you and your goals! Today I see so many young people in the audience. You are the future of our sports. I want to believe that you all have connected your lives with sports vocationally, by the call of your soul and consciously. And we will be proud of your victories! Vladimir Nikolaevich emphasized.
Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Chuvash Republic Mikhail Viktorovich Bogaratov congratulated the staff of the faculty on the Golden Jubilee. I wish professors, specialists, and students all the good luck in gaining knowledge and skills that are necessary in your future profession. I also wish you to spread your love for sports and physical education throughout your lives! the Head of the Chuvash Sports Department said.
The deans of the university continued the series of congratulations. Indeed, the Golden Jubilee is a tremendous holiday, it is a great story! And the Faculty of Physical Education is of world-class level, Dean of the Faculty of Preschool and Correctional Pedagogics Igor Vladimirovich Kozhanov spoke on behalf of all the deans.
Other speakers of the event were Nikolai Stepanovich Romanov (a 1974 graduate), Candidate of Pedagogics, founder of Poses method of teaching movements, coach of the national Olympic teams of Mexico, Great Britain and Russia; Aleksandr Viktorovich Agafonov (a 2003 graduate), Candidate of Biology, Principal of Cheboksary Institute (Branch) of Moscow Polytechnic University; Dmitry Valeryanovich Nikonorov (a 1999 graduate), Candidate of Pedagogics, Sports Master of Russia in Archery, Deputy of Cheboksary City Assembly of Deputies; Natalia Ilyicheva (a 2000 graduate), Honored Coach of Russia, Sports Master in Gymnastics; Aleksey Nyagin (a 2001 graduate), Chairman of the Chuvash Kekushinkai Association, Member of the Public Council of the Chuvash Sports Ministry; Denis Kurygin, President of the Cheer-up Sports and Cheerleading Federation of Cheboksary.
The Physical Education Faculty students performance was a symbolic bridge to the future, to new victories and achievements. Happy Birthday, Faculty of Physical Education! Happy Jubilee!

November 5, 2019
Photo by A.Isaev