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About the University

General Information about I. Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University


I. Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University was founded on10 June 1930. Since its foundation the university has trained more than 52,000 specialists.


I. Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University is a modern higher educational institution and regional centre for innovative development with the main focus on advanced preparation of competent professionals. It quickly responds to the social demand and provides specialists for basic sectors of the economy in the region.


At present, training is carried out under 129 basic academic programs within 10 major groups. Quality education is provided by 249 highly qualified specialists, including 34 professors, doctors of science, and 193associate professors, candidates of science.


There are6 academic buildings, 3 halls of residence, a health care centre and a swimming pool.


Yakovlev University Students Won the Sambo Championship of the Volga Federal District
Yakovlev University Students Won the Sambo Championship of the Volga Federal DistrictThe sambo competition within the championship and individual championship of the Volga Federal District in ended in the city of Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod Region.
The strongest athletes of the Volga region competed for the junior and youth championships vouchers and the 2020 Russian Sambo Championship.
The competitions were successfully performed by the following students of the Faculty of Physical Culture, the trainees of the Chuvash Sambo School:
Natalia Agapova – 1st place, w / c 52 kg,
Vera Lotkova – 1st place, w / c 56 kg,
Regina Mindubaeva – 1st place, w / c 80 kg,
Natalia Stepanova – 3rd place, w / c 56 kg.
Students of Yakovlev University Won the Competition “Stars of University Sports”
Students of Yakovlev University Won the Competition “Stars of University Sports”On December 19-20, Znamensky Brothers Olympic Center (Moscow) held the traditional annual athletics tournament “University Sports Stars” in the athletics arena.
About 500 athletes under the age of 25 in 40 teams from the Russian universities participated in the tournament.
On the first day of the competition, the athletes from Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University made it to the podium twice.
1st place - Elizabeth Osharina (FPE), high jump
2nd place - Kristina Yakovleva (FPE), 3000m race
2nd place - Mikhail Spiridonov (FPM), 2000m steeplechase
“Nazenin” Ensemble Takes Part in the International Festival of National Cultures
“Nazenin” Ensemble Takes Part in the International Festival of National CulturesOn December 17-18, N.A. Dobrolyubov Nizhny Novgorod State Linguistic University hosted the X International Festival of National Cultures "In this big world".
Representatives from 50 countries of the world gathered at the festival. The choreographic ensemble "Nazenin" from the I.Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University, which included students from Turkmenistan, also took part in the festival.
The event included scientific and entertainment programs. Foreign students took part in the round table discussions on literature, philology, regional and cultural studies.
One of the most popular workshops of the event was the food fair that featured presentations of more than 50 national dishes that could be tasted and cooked on site.
A separate block covered the differences in traditions and culture of different countries (thematic round table discussions “Tales of different peoples of the world”, “National musical instruments and music”, “Colors in different cultures”).
CHSPU President’s New Year Ball
CHSPU President’s New Year BallOn December 17, CHSPU President’s New Year Ball was held. This wonderful tradition was set at the I. Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University several years ago. It allows its participants to plunge into the festive atmosphere, dance and immerse themselves in classical music.
The event started with a solemn polonaise performed by all the participants of the event.
The President of the University, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Vladimir Ivanov congratulated those present on the upcoming New Year and Christmas, summed up the results of important events of the outgoing year.
Thirty best students who took an active part in the university’s social, creative, and sports life throughout the year, received appreciation certificates from the President of the university, the Vice-President for Educational Work and Social Issues Olga Lukicheva, and the Head of the Department for Educational Work Mikhail Pavlov.
Meeting with Fellow Generals of the Russian Armed Forces
Meeting with Fellow Generals of the Russian Armed Forces
For the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War

On November 17, the presentation of the book by a member of the Union of Writers of Chuvashia G. V. Viktorov entitled “The General's Way” took place in the Chuvash National Library. The book is devoted to the life of the generals of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation Nikolay Sidorov and Vitaly Sidorov, natives of the village of Chetyrla, Shentalinsky district, Samara (Kuibyshev) Region. Nikolai and Vitaly were born to a peasant Chuvash family, finished a village school, then a military school and a military academy, served in the railway troops for many years, commanded large military units, became a real symbol of masculinity, patriotism and love for the small and the great homeland for their compatriots.
Today this is the only known fact in Chuvashia when two siblings (born 1955 and 1957) devoted their lives to serving the Fatherland and were awarded high military ranks, government awards, and became prominent military leaders.
Congratulations on the award!
Congratulations on the award!Myasnikov Nikolay Stanislavovich, the commander of the search group Pamyat of I. Y. Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University, was awarded for his personal contribution to the identification of the names of the dead and the fates of missing soldiers and for his reasonable initiative with the badge of the second degree «For the excellence in search activity».

December 17, 2019
Republican Seminar of Biology Teachers
Republican Seminar of Biology TeachersDecember 12, the Faculty of Science Education held a republican seminar for biology teachers on the basis of the intensive program devoted to preparation of students for All-Russian Olympiads in Biology and Ecology. Biology teachers from Batyrevsky, Krasnoarmeysky, Cheboksary, Urmarsky Districts and the cities of Cheboksary, Novocheboksarsk and Kanash took part in the seminar.
The problems of preparing students for the regional and final stages of the All-Russian Olympiad for students in biology and ecology were discussed at the seminar. Elena Saperova, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Biology and Fundamentals of Medical Knowledge, Chairperson of the Substantive Methodical Commission of the regional stage of the Secondary School for Biology, told the teachers about the work of the intensive program. Teachers and board members discussed preparations for the regional level of biology school olympiad.
Yakovlev University Develops Cooperation with Universities in China
Yakovlev University Develops Cooperation with Universities in ChinaInternational cooperation is an important part of updating existing scientific knowledge, methods and work experience, acquiring new competencies and knowledge.
December 10, ChSPU held a meeting with Svetlana Ilina, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Alexander Kirillov, Head of the Department of Scientific and Innovative Work, and Mr. Hou Ilun, General Inspector of Weidong Cloud Education Group (Peoples Republic of China).
The issues of developing international cooperation in the field of academic mobility of students and teachers and conducting joint research in the field of education were discussed at the meeting. The parties considered the possibility of signing a cooperation agreement with the Hebei Institute of Economics and Management (PRC) and the implementation of joint educational programs.
‘The Russian Language in the Framework of Bi- and Polylingualism’
 ‘The Russian Language in the Framework of Bi- and Polylingualism’On December 10, 2019, the Faculty of Chuvash and Russian Philology hosted the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference with International Participation “The Russian Language in the Framework of Bi-and Polylingualism”, dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Honored Teacher of the Chuvash Socialist Republic, Member of the National Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Chuvash Republic, Full Member of the Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences, Full Member of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts, Honorary Professor of I. Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University Gennady Aleksandrovich Anisimov.
At the beginning of the conference, the Vice-President for Academic Affairs of CHSPU Ilyina Svetlana Viktorovna,
Delegation of the Chuvash State Pedagogical University Took Part in the Russian Student Pedagogical Gathering
Delegation of the Chuvash State Pedagogical University Took Part in the Russian Student Pedagogical GatheringDecember 11, Ushinsky Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University hold Russian Student Teacher Training Meeting 3.0. The gathering was attended by students who are the leaders of student pedagogical associations, activists of pedagogical groups, counselors and volunteers as well as young teachers. I. Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University represented the delegation of students from the Faculty of Art and Music education, Yulia Maslova, Svetlana Tsvetkova, Igor Gusev, and the student of the Faculty of History, Management and Law, Tamara Yakovleva. Elena Gunina, Associate Professor of Pedagogy, Psychology and Philosophy Department, took part at the gathering as an expert.
The gathering became a platform for interaction between young teachers and future specialists of the education system. Within the framework of the event, the delegates participated in trend sessions on contemporary issues in education, file sessions on the main mistakes of a young teacher and the best practices of the participants ...
Friendship of Peoples Festival-Competition at I. Y. Yakovlev Pedagogical University
Friendship of Peoples Festival-Competition at I. Y. Yakovlev Pedagogical University December 9, on the eve of the Constitution Day of the Russian Federation, Yakovlev University held a colorful festival-competition Friendship of Peoples for the eighth time.
The festival aims at fostering a culture of tolerance among young people of different nationalities and religions and is designed to instill love for their homeland, distinctive and unique culture, and folk traditions in the young generation.
The ethnic festival is traditionally held by youth themselves. Each faculty presented a ten-minute presentation of the cultural traditions of one of the peoples of the world in creative performances. This year the culture of the peoples of the following countries and regions was presented: Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Georgia, the Chuvash Republic, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Republic of Buryatia, the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug,
Irina Arkhipova, member of Pamyat Search Unit of I. Yakovlev University, participated in "Youth of Russia to the Generation of Winners" Russian Forum
Irina Arkhipova, member of Pamyat Search Unit of I. Yakovlev University, participated in "Youth of Russia to the Generation of Winners" Russian ForumDecember 2-5, the V All-Russian Forum "Russian Youth to the Generation of Winners" was held in Moscow. The forum was aimed at gaining skills in social design and information work in social networks.
Irina Arkhipova, 4-year student of the Faculty of History, Management and Law of Yakovlev University, member of Pamyat search unit of the Pedagogical University, took part in the Forum.
Elena Tsunaeva, Executive Secretary of the All-Russian Public Search Movement of Russia, and Anton Torgashev, Member of the Coordination Council, Director of Military Archeology Journal, spoke about the future goals and objectives of the Search Movement of Russia for the coming year at the foresight session.
December 3, the organizers of the forum selected 15 people representing regional branches who laid flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Alexander Garden on the Day of Unknown Soldier. Irina Arkhipova took part in the ceremony.
ChSPU Students Take Part in the International Volunteer Forum
ChSPU Students Take Part in the International Volunteer ForumOn December 5, the closing events of the International Volunteer Forum, which brought together 5,000 participants from Russia and abroad, were held in Sochi, the capital of the volunteer movement.
The delegation of the Chuvash Republic at the forum included ChSPU students Ekaterina Abrzhina, Anna Yakovleva (Faculty of Management), Daniil Kirgizov (Faculty of Technology and Economics), and Valeria Egorova (Faculty of Pre-School and Correctional Pedagogy).
The International Volunteer Forum brought together enthusiasts, speakers and expert volunteers, representatives of ministries, socially oriented non-profit organizations and charity foundations from different countries.
The participants of the forum attended discussions and workshops held by leading experts in the sphere of volunteering,
Mikhail Ignatyev: “There is a Demand for Qualified Specialists. Our Objective is to Have Them Trained at our Universities”
Mikhail Ignatyev: “There is a Demand for Qualified Specialists. Our Objective is to Have Them Trained at our Universities”On December 5, the Head of Chuvashia Mikhail Ignatyev took part in a round table discussion “Improvement of Employer-sponsored Education System as the Way of Human Resources Development in the Chuvash Republic”, which was held in Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University.
Prior to the event, the Head of the Republic examined the university’s scientific library. “We have the richest library in the Chuvash Republic. There are rare encyclopedias and modern editions in it. All readers have access to these resources,” said Vladimir Ivanov, Rector of the Pedagogical University.
The library employs digital technologies in its work. Thanks to the campus card, which is, on the one hand, a cash replacement tool and, on the other hand, an electronic medium for the information profile of students, employees and lecturers, the procedure for servicing library readers has been greatly simplified.
Yakovlev University Held the Events on HIV Prevention
Yakovlev University Held the Events on HIV PreventionFrom November 11 to December 2, ChSPU hosted the events aimed at preventing AIDS and infectious diseases. The purpose of the events is to increase youth awareness on HIV prevention issues, to develop youth motivation to preserve their health and the health of the people around.
The ChSPU curators and mentors of study groups spoke on the problem of HIV infection and AIDS in the form of lectures, talks, discussions, and quizzes. The students learnt how dangerous those diseases are, whether it is possible to have contacts with the infected, and which contacts should be avoided to reduce the risk of infection. The speakers dispelled the myths on the possibilities of infection, informed on anonymous diagnostics, and the timing for obtaining an accurate diagnosis.
In addition, the students took part in the “Red Ribbon” campaign, in which red ribbons were distributed on the central streets of the city, and in shopping centers.
ChSPU Won a Grant of the Federal Project Personnel for Digital Economy
ChSPU Won a Grant of the Federal Project Personnel for Digital Economy ChSPU won a grant for conducting thematic shifts in seasonal camps for schoolchildren in advanced areas of discrete mathematics, computer science and digital technology as part of the federal project Personnel for Digital Economy within the framework of Digital Economy National Program.
A profile shift for 12-18 year-old schoolchildren with the specialization in the digital field will be held from January 2 to January 12, 2019 at the Pearl of Chuvashia recreation complex and will consist of master classes in various areas: VR/AR, programming in Python language, 3D-modeling, Internet things, artificial intelligence, Robotics, Mobile Technologies in Digital Economy, Socialization of Digital Technologies, Information Security.
150 students, including 8 representatives from foreign schools will take part in the project. The qualifying Olympiad will be held online from December 16 to 20, 2019.
Participation in the profile shift for the winners of the qualifying round is free!
Lessons of Courage and Memory for Students
Lessons of Courage and Memory for StudentsOn December 2, in honor of the Day of the Unknown Soldier, the head of the ChSPU Pamyat search unit Nikolay Myasnikov gave a lesson of courage and memory for students of 6th and 11th grades of school number 31 in Cheboksary.
He spoke about the history of the search movement in Russia and Chuvashia, about the expeditions of Pamyat search unit. In addition, the students watched a presentation and a video based on the results of the last two memorial search missions. The children were touched by the tragic fate of Ivan Kochetkov, a soldier from the Mordovian Republic, whose mortal medallion was discovered by the members of Pamyat search unit during the last memorial search mission in the Tver Region. The artifacts of the Great Patriotic War aroused keen interest, among them there are models of ammunition, details of equipment and personal belongings of the soldiers of the Red Army. Such meetings with schoolchildren are necessary in the matter of patriotic education of the younger generation.
All-Russian Mathematics Flash Mob “MathCat’2019”
All-Russian Mathematics Flash Mob “MathCat’2019”On November 30, the Department of Mathematics and Physics of Yakovlev University organized the site for the All-Russian educational and entertainment flash mob in mathematics “MathCat’2019”. This is a non-profit project. Anyone had a chance to take part in this event, regardless of age: the youngest participant is 8 years old, and the oldest is 65. In total 200 people took part in the action.
The ceremony of awarding of the winners (excellent students in each league) is to take place on December 7, 2019 at 10 a.m. on the sidelines of Doors Open Days at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics.
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